This project proposes three subjects to work on in three years.

First subject is “Cultivation of women scientists”, the work includes the following items: (1)Organizing International Female Scientist Conference in 2013. (2) Organizing activities involving the academic research of female scientists, such as (i) EMPOWER Program for women scientists in 2011 and 2012, (ii) Professional conference for female scientists in 2012, (iii) Film series for recording women scientists in Taiwan (30-min documentary for six films in three years), (iv)Gender-test workshop at campus of Science of Engineering Universities, (v) Gender and Science summer/winter camp in 2012-13 in south and north Taiwan ), (vi) “How to infuse gender equality into textbooks for middle-school science courses” workshop in 2013, and (vii) Workshop on the progress of the present project for all group members (every year); (3) Science camps for high school girls as well as for junior high school girls in various forms throughout the project, Female scientists visit rural areas for lectures on daily sciences (at least five times each year), Lectures on gender and science for publics and various exhibitions related to gender and science, which will be an collective effort with other institutes or organizations.

The second subject is “Gender and technology policy study”, the work involves data collection from Taiwan and other countries about government policies and research results on gender and technology, hoping to develop the sharing mechanism.

The third subject is “Establishing database for gender and science studies in Taiwan”. The work includes data collection, up-dated statistics and analysis.
Key words: Cultivation of women scientists, International Female Scientist Conference, Science camps for female students, Forum on gender and science, Gender and science database, Film series on women scientists in Taiwan