Gender, Science and Technology (GST) is an essential research domain and is becoming a must-addressed study for most countries. For example, Horizon 2020, the biggest European Union Research and Innovation program, requests three  objectives for all participated research teams, including: gender balance in research teams, gender balance in decision-making, and integrating gender/sex analysis in research and innovation content. This global trend indicates in developing the policies, ones ought to concern the gender, technology and development issues in urgent.
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Based on this trend, our research team attempts to assist our government to include “gender balance” and “gendered innovations” concerns into the policy making and research direction guiding. By expecting a ministry-level GST office to incubate female professionals, our team will organize a prototyping office and regular operations in this three-year research period.
“Gender Balance” associates this project with the incubation activities for female professionals. Our team is going to organize several heritage camps to incubate young female professionals to extend their social networks. To provide a better insight to the policy development, we will also evaluate the effectiveness of the government policies based on interviews, focus groups, and questionnaires. “Gendered Innovations” not only collects all gendered innovation studies and cases from other countries into the databases, but also establishes a pioneering team to coordinate interdisciplinary researchers to practice gender analysis into technology innovations. The achievement of the study will be shared and spread through several workshops and our constructing platform.
This research study is led by an interdisciplinary research team, including researchers from science education, social science, policy study, gender analysis, engineering and technology, and STS. Hence, our research team can work on gender technology issues from multiple perspectives and achieve the objectives of this proposal.