Tuesday, 20 August 2019
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Title Created Date
[GI] Virtual assistants; New book on Molecular Feminisms; Sex, gender, brains, and behavior, Medical school curricula; Gender and pain, Analysis of the Athena Swan program arguing that it needs to consider how researchers integrate sex/gender into researc 2019-04-23
[GI] Female crash test dummy, diversifying peer-reviewed journals, gender and jobs in online image searches, GWAS-sex-specific analysis 2019-04-23
[GI] Evaluation of online courses on integrating sex/gender analysis into research; gender and robots; American Medical Association affirms the medical spectrum of sex and gender 2019-02-21
[GI] Gender differences in research areas; Review of sex/gender analysis in nutritional genomics; Analysis of NIH sex-inclusion policy; Biases in word embeddings 2019-01-04
[GI] FW: Gender Research in food, agriculture and more; gender and robots, and impact of maternal smoking on fetuses 2019-01-04
[GI] South Korean website in English; sex in stem cells (fruit flies); Gendered Innovations segment on Japanese TV; Op-Ed on the brain; GERD model for integrating gender research into computing 2019-01-04
[GI] Diversity helps produce stronger research; two new algorithm checks for fairness; new policies integrating sex/gender into research; follow-up in Japan on Gender Summit 2017 2019-01-04
[GI] FDA Conference on Sex/Gender in Opioid and Nicotine Use; Analysis of Sex/Gender Policies at Funding Agencies and Journals 2019-01-04
[GI] 2 New GI Case Studies: Machine Learning, Menstrual Cups; Gendered Robots; Gender-Neutral Word Embeddings; Going beyond Binaries in Survey Techniques; Women's Outcomes better when treated by a Woman Physician 2019-01-04
[GI] Workshop on sex and gender in research and experimental design, Cambridge, UK!!; podcast on history of women in science; female and male patients with heart disease have better outcomes when treated by female physicians; gender-neutral word embedding 2019-01-04