Year: 2015   2014 


2015 Cultivating Female Talents Project 

1 Mentor guidance and reflection: The exploration of promoting science interest for the girls study in primary and middle schools
2 The Construction of a Benchmarking Learning Project for Indigenous Women in Discipline of Medical Science
3 On the Study of Women Scientific Activities and Publishing in Remote Tribes Areas.
4 Publication of a book on woman role models and E-journal of Taiwanese female scientists & technologists, and maintain the TFST MentorNet
5 Women engineering talent cultivation: paradigm inheritance and creation
6 2015 Technology of the Truth -Women Scientists's Biological Decoding Trip
7 The Ways to Be a Female Biologist
8 Follow a path of your own -Mathematical sciences teachers roving exhibition camp and female students techcamps
9 Promoting female students’ science learning motivation by using popular science picture books with gender-based equity consciousness
10 From Experience and Exploration to Self-reflection: Nurturing Female Scientific Talents through Science Activities (Ⅱ)
11 Building-up Science Girls' Adventures II--Incubation plan of Future Women Scientists
12 Promoting female college students’ Interests in Learning Computer Science
13 Enhancing Female Students' Interest and Self-confidence in Science Learning through Programming Summer Camp


2014 Cultivating Female Talents Project  

1 Girls, go straight: The multiple process of promoting gender awareness and science interest for the girls study in primary and middle schools
2 A curriculum design and practice for enhancing female students’ learning in science and technology fields
3 Experience and creation of scientific activities in elementary school
4 Girl-Technology-GO Match
5 The Promotion of Popular Science Education for the Water Resources in Remote Areas by Activity and Camp
6 Cultivation plan for female industrial design talent
7 Promoting gender awareness of female college students and mathematical sciences teachers
8 Establishment of a Science Situated Learning to Reduce Learning Gap of Brain and Cognitive Sciences in Remote Area of Feman Studeunts
9 From experience, discovery, to reflection: Cultivating female scientists through science activities
10 Building-up Science Girls' Adventures--Incubation plan of Future Women Scientists-Apply B-type Project
11 Enhancing Female Students' Interest and Self-confidence in Science and Technology Learning through Mathematical APPs Programming Camp
12 A plan of Field-based Inquiry to promote efficiency for female students